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Boarding a plane anytime soon?

Are you planning on finally taking that dream holiday? Or do you need to travel back to your home country to visit family? The way we travel has changed dramatically and there are constantly new rules and laws being implemented around the world to protect populations from the COVID19 pandemic. The thought of travelling right now can be daunting but we are here to make that process that much easier! Reach Pharmacy are now providing COVID19 Saliva PCR Testing in Glasgow!

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The way that we travel, the way that we socialise and the way that we live has changed in ways that we could have never imagined. Since mid March the travel industry has been almost non existent. Millions of people worldwide had to cancel their holidays and travel plans however, a couple of months later and things are beginning to look brighter! Airlines are opening up routes, countries are opening up borders and people are beginning to go on their long-awaited holidays! There are however certain measures in place that we need to adhere to before we go on our next big adventure!

Travel restrictions are changing everyday! Most airlines and countries are now asking their passengers and visitors for proof that they have had a negative COVID19 test result in the 72 hours prior to their travel. Over the course of the Covid19 pandemic, the importance of reliable, accessible testing to screen for the Coronavirus disease has become increasingly apparent and that is why we at Reach Pharmacy are now offering COVID19 Saliva PCR testing in Glasgow!

So what is a PCR Test…?

PCR tests are designed to diagnose individuals with an active infection i.e. those currently infected with SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes COVID19. Unlike antibody-based tests which detect the presence of antibodies produced by the body’s immune system in response to the virus and indicate previous infection, PCR tests detect the virus’s genetic material – specifically RNA fragments – and are used to diagnose a current infection that may not be presenting symptoms yet. PCR tests give us a good indication of who is infected and who is not.

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Who needs to take the test?

The COVID PCR tests are for people of all ages who are planning a holiday or need to travel abroad. Most travellers are now required to have a certificate/document to prove to airlines and countries they are visiting that they do not have an active COVID-19 infection. The test is not suitable for those who have COVID-19 like symptoms or for those who have had symptoms up to 28 days prior to the test – these people should follow all government guidance regarding self-isolation and testing.

As regulations might differ, depending on the destination or airline, please make sure that you check for the most up to date travel information. You can do this by speaking to your airline directly. To understand more about how testing in Scotland works simply click here.

Why take the Saliva PCR Test?

The COVID-19 Saliva PCR Test is now available to purchase from our pharmacy. Unlike the nasal swab test, the saliva specimen test is simple and more comfortable to take. All you have to do is spit in a sample tube, thus making the test a lot faster, easier and more comfortable to perform. This test currently has a 72hr turn around time. The process for this test can be found in the image below!

covid19 saliva pcr test glasgow



The Scottish Government Test and Protect scheme

The Scottish Government Test and Protect scheme means we cannot conduct the COVID19 Saliva PCR test in our Pharmacy at the moment. What we are doing, very successfully, is providing the test kit to the patient, and instructing them when to do the test, how to do the test properly, and how to get their results within the requirements of the country they may be travelling to if it is for travel. Therefore you can be confident in doing the test at home!

You can now buy the Chronomics COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Saliva Antibody PCR Test Online. Click here.

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    The following question is about the PCR Testing kit (Swab and Saliva). If you aren’t getting tested at our store the kit must be posted back to the lab and we strongly recommend using tracked or recorded delivery. The kits are non-refundable

    Please make sure to order your test in advance of your flight as it may take up to five days for the results to come back in some circumstances.

    Please tick this box if you understand it is the patients responsibility to follow the exact instructions from the subsequent labs Medicspot, Randox and Chronomics. Reach Pharmacy will assist the patient in the testing process but is not responsible for results not being received either in an allocated time or due to user error or failure to register the kit with the relevant laboratory. Reach Pharmacy is not affiliated with either Medicspot, Randox or Chronomics. Testing, results, analysis and certification is provided by Randox laboratories., Medicspot and Chronomics NOT Reach Pharmacy. For Test and Treat customers we will not be held liable of use of a test before the five day isolation period. The customer will take responsibility for adhering to Test and Treat guidelines.

    * For Test and Treat customers we will not be held liable of use of a test before the five day isolation period. The customer will take responsibility for adhering to Test and Treat guidelines.