PCR Test to Release Glasgow

Looking for a PCR Test to Release in Glasgow?

Government guidelines now state that you must isolate for 10 days following your arrival from destinations outside of the UK. However, if you are looking to cut your isolation period short, Reach Pharmacy are here for you. We now offer PCR Test to Release in Glasgow to stop your isolation in its tracks.

Please note that Scotland does not accept the Day 5 Test To Release Scheme. For further information on this and also for the rules on international travel and managed isolation for Scotland, please visit the Scottish Goverment website here.


PCR test to release glasgow


What is Test to Release?

The Test to Release Scheme offers you the opportunity to pay for a private Covid-19 test, 5 full days after your return from abroad. If your test comes back negative, you are able to leave isolation. However, if you test positive, you are required to isolate for a further 10 days. This should be calculated from the day you took the test, or from when you first displayed symptoms, whichever occurred first. Moreover, any people you are living or staying with in the UK should also isolate for 10 days from this date. You can find further guidance regarding isolation on the Government website.


Who is PCR Test to Release in Glasgow for?

The Test to Release Scheme is only available to those returning from countries that are not “Red List” countries. Red List countries describe those countries that are currently on the Government’s banned list of destinations. This list can be found on the Government website; it is constantly updated in order to maintain control over new strains and variants of the virus.


PCR test to release glasgow


Our 5 Easy Steps for Test to Release


Step one: Book in for your PCR Test to Release with us

You are able to do this immediately upon arrival in the UK mainland, but NOT in Scotland. We cannot send you a test until you have completed the first 5 mandatory days of isolation. You must state the date of your UK arrival upon booking, so that we know when to send your test kit to you.


Step two: Receive your test kit

Your test will be sent to you by tracked delivery, for receipt 5 days following your return.


Step three: Take your test

You should ensure that you read and follow the instructions for taking the test carefully. The kit contains everything you need to carry out the test.


Step four: Return your results to the lab for analysis

The testing kit will include a prepaid envelope; this will allow you to immediately post your results to the lab.


Step five: Receive your results and end your isolation early

 Following the analysis of your sample, you will receive your results via email. If your test is negative, you are released from your isolation. However, if your test is positive, you should follow the aforementioned advice regarding self-isolation. Our Test to Release Test in Glasgow is Government-approved and provides you with the necessary certification to cut your isolation time.

Please Note: You are required to book an individual test for each person using the scheme, including children.


PCR test to release glasgow


Buy your test kit with us to cut your isolation time in half today!

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    The following question is about the PCR Testing kit (Swab and Saliva). If you aren’t getting tested at our store the kit must be posted back to the lab and we strongly recommend using tracked or recorded delivery. The kits are non-refundable

    Please make sure to order your test in advance of your flight as it may take up to five days for the results to come back in some circumstances.

    Please tick this box if you understand it is the patients responsibility to follow the exact instructions from the subsequent labs Medicspot, Randox and Chronomics. Reach Pharmacy will assist the patient in the testing process but is not responsible for results not being received either in an allocated time or due to user error or failure to register the kit with the relevant laboratory. Reach Pharmacy is not affiliated with either Medicspot, Randox or Chronomics. Testing, results, analysis and certification is provided by Randox laboratories., Medicspot and Chronomics NOT Reach Pharmacy. For Test and Treat customers we will not be held liable of use of a test before the five day isolation period. The customer will take responsibility for adhering to Test and Treat guidelines.

    * For Test and Treat customers we will not be held liable of use of a test before the five day isolation period. The customer will take responsibility for adhering to Test and Treat guidelines.